Pizza, Pincushions and Playing It Straight (Kindle edition)
Pizza and Pincushions

Pizza, Pincushions and Playing It Straight (Kindle edition)

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If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like as a sex worker, or how the words “dick cheese” can be used in perfect, horrifying context, this is the book for you. Surprising. Insightful. Don't drink liquids while reading. This is not a “Happy Hooker” story. This is a “Hooker who is sick of your bullshit” story.

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“It’s just so damn engaging!” 
- Bloke I drink with occasionally.

“Do you know how commas work?” 
- Woman on Twitter.

“I’ve finished editing, now can I have an inflatable dinosaur costume?” 
- My wife.

“Are you sure you want 3 shots?” 
- My barista.

“Fuck you” 
- Radfems, probably.


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